Kathy Lambert

Software Developer | Project Manager | Web Designer

I am an intellectually curious individual with an insatiable desire to understand. I utilize my diverse background, experiences, and skills to help me be a resourceful, organized and forward-thinking project manager, web designer, and software developer.

My Work

Study Buddy

My very first web app. Engineered with JavaScript designed with HTML & CSS a flash-card web application with event listeners to test your knowledge.

Family Cookbook Manager

A ReactJS client side, front-end, JavaScript engineered & designed with Materialize and CSS connecting to a custom developed back-end api.

Where it Matters

Bison Hacks 2018 2nd Place Winner! A ReactJS constructed front-end application connected with the OrgHunter Charity API designed with Materialize and CSS.

Drop me a line and or let me know about a great opportunities!